Retail Software

SSS(SAT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS) introduces here best designed and simple to use retail software with GST. Manage all your retail work here with inventory and accounting included in it. Create bills with GST like sales bills with customer details here, manage all your stock, with every bill issue stock entry changes up or down depends on it is a purchase bill or it is a sales bill. SSS introduces the best software package here with simple steps to maintain and use easily.


Work starts with the design first, we collect all your requirement and then we make a module and design for the product, that has to be delivered to our client.


After the designing phase, we start the development of the product and our team starts the product or software development instantly with full information and similar to the design.


After designing and development, we start to test the product multiple times and launch the product for the client on time.


Stock Maintenance


Full products list and management of stock on every sale and purchase billing clearance of stock and reminders popups when ever the stock in empty for the following product.

Purchase Invoice


Enter all the goods you purchase and have in your stock with proper details and their price of purchase. It gives the information directly into the stock record and add all the goods in your stock.

Sale Invoice


Each sale makes an invoice and adds the details of the goods with the customer address and GST number. Each sale bill affects your stock like a decrease in stock after every sale invoice.


Manage Multiple Branches/Stores

You can manage multiple stores/branches from this single product with full stock maintenance every time from multiple locations without any hassle and errors.




Full Accounting


With every invoice manage all the accounting like money flow and entry of each penny of money you earn through your business. Get all the reports of every account heads with full details.


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