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SSSTP(SAT SOFTWARE SOLUTION) is the best software development firm in this competitive world. Nowadays people start using software for their business workload. In this matter, we provide you best accounting software, GST accounting software in all aspects. You now do not need tally anymore you can use this product having all tally related calculations and working. It is designed in such a way you can handle your workload easily with a huge amount of data storage like 10 GB or this limit can be extended even more and more.

Benefits Of Using SSSTP Accounting Software

Every business needs accounting like medical billing, transport billing, grocery store billing. This is the basic need of every business that it must have accounting without accounting your business never works well with the loss of money so here are some benefits of using accounting software that can affect every business.

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Work starts with the design first, we collect all your requirement and then we make a module and design for the product, that has to be delivered to our client.


After the designing phase, we start the development of the product and our team starts the product or software development instantly with full information and similar to the design.


After designing and development, we start to test the product multiple times and launch the product for the client on time.


Multi-User Access


By using this software you can create multiple users accounts and assign them their work. You can handle multiple locations, branches in one time. Leasure created automatically in reports you can check from anywhere.

Online GST Accounting Software


We provide you online software with all the features offline and you can access it with your username and password. This helps you to manage your account while you are not in the office or traveling. Easy to access and easy to use with mobile app features provided by SAT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.

Sales/Purchase Quotations


You can send sales and purchase quotations from this software through E-mails. Multiple sales/purchase quotations can be designed and downloaded in pdf formats. Handle your business sale/purchase with the fastest speed and unique designed product online and offline both forms.


GST Bills With Reports

Generate all your invoices/bills with GST plus you can check all the reports total expenditure with a total tax on each/every bill total amount. Check all the reports, pdf file download invoice/bills anytime, send through email attachment to anywhere.




Database Backup Also Available


As goes to the online fully you get the Data back up feature you can backup all your files, reports, invoices and data into Excel formats, pdf formats. Secure and safe backup without any viruses, you can save all the files into your system, disks or pen drives, also through mails.


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