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Work starts with the design first, we collect all your requirement and then we make a module and design for the product, that has to be delivered to our client.


After the designing phase, we start the development of the product and our team starts the product or software development instantly with full information and similar to the design.


After designing and development, we start to test the product multiple times and launch the product for the client on time.


Create And Print Your Bills


You can print your company designed bills as you want with your company name and logos. Make every bill count like your order completes create that bill make a copy of it for all your records.

Purchase Transportation Management


You can manage all your purchases like your business expenses you can add them to your total monthly spending and see where your money is flowing so that you never lose any pie of money. All the money flow you know where the money used.


Track All Your Trips

You can track all your trips daily or weekly basis everything every expanse and income that after delivery you get. With this, you also can track where the goods now and how many hours it takes to reach its destination everything you can track.




All Invoicing User Interface


SSSTP logistics software is a fully user-friendly interface like you have to log in with your username and password with full protection of every record you create. You can create new users for this also to handle your business branches.


Full Reports


Manage all your working here in reports and download all of them in pdf formats save that you get everything saved on a date basis or weekly basis as you want. It is the very easy and fast process you have everything stored.


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